Luanshya Miners go on strike

Miners at MCC15  in Luanshya have downed tools demanding for 60 percent pay-rise.
China Luanshya Mine(LCM)spokesperson Sydney Chileya  has confirmed the development.
Mr Chileya said by 12:00hours today(Zambian Time) the company had lost its morning shift due to the strike.
“What it is, is that the workers are demanding for 60 percent salary increment but the company is only able to give them(Workers) 12 percent,” said Mr Chileya.
Mr Chileya said the negotiations for increased salary between the company and the Mine Workers Union of Zambia(MUZ) took about four months.
And some workers, complained that the twelve percent salary increment was not enough especially that the cost of living in Zambia was too high.
“Look at this situation, fuel prices have been hiked and soon we are going to see prices of essential commodities increased, so we feel government should move in quickly and see to it that we are give better salaries,” said some workers who declined to be named for fear of victimisation by their superiors.
The workers said most of them get as low as K800 per month.
“Salaries are just too bad, what can one get out of K800, you need to pay rentals and take children to school, this why we voted the MMD out of power and now, this PF government is doing exactly the same,” they complained.
MCC15  is contracting firm engaged by China Luanshya Mine(CLM).

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