Luanshya mayor orders police to detain man who owes him kaloba

POLICE  in Luanshya detained a business man after he failed to settle a debt of K4million to Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda.

Police sources disclosed  that they had to arrest and detain Moses Tembo after instructions from the Mayor  a few days ago.

The sources said that Mr Tembo spent over a week at Luanshya Central Remand prison   and was just released a few days ago.

“The thingis  that Mr  Chanda (Mayor) is a money lender and  uses his brother to do this illegal business on his behalf and if people fail to pay back he uses police to harass his defaulters,” said the source.

The source said that Mr Tembo had on many occasions pleaded with the brother to the mayor  to exercise lenience on him but the civic leader rushed into having him locked up.

“This man(Mr Chanda) has a bad heart, he thinks he owns Luanshya and that everybody in this town is under his authority. He boasts that he rubs shoulders with people at State House and he is untouchable, he does things with impunity knowing for sure that he would be backed by the powers that be(State House),” said the source.

And of late Mr Chanda  came under fire from his fellow councillors and council workers because of his ‘ I know it all’ attitude and cruelty to the members of the community.

The councillors and council workers  complained to The Zambian Watchdog that Mr Chanda has been using dubious means to win business contracts in Luanshya.

“Just last December(1212)Mr Chanda dubiously got a  contract erect booms in the central business of Luanshya from Luanshya Municipal council, this contract was worth about K50million, there were no other bidders, he just pushed the council to award him the contract. Is this not corruption,” wondered one councillor.

The business community in the district  has also  observed with dismay that the youthful Mayor has amassed so much wealth from the time  he was imposed as Mayor by President MichealSata through Roan member of parliament ChishimbaKambwili in 2011.

“This PF government is not serious, how can you pick a chap just from the streets as mayor, from selling talk time and you expect him to run the affairs effectively, we really have a serious problem in this town, Most of the councillors at this council cannot read and write that is why this Mayor who is semi-literate is taking advantage of the situation, if he won’t change his attitude PF is not going any where the chap thinks he is a president of Luanshya,” said Kennedy Mwila a businessman.

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