Luapula adopts dual citizenship clause as PF ministers reject it

The Luapula Province Constitution Convention has adopted the dual citizenship clause amid serious debate from the delegates.
But Chief Government Spokesperson, who is also Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni maintained that the Dual Citizenship clause be rejected on grounds of patriotism.
Sakeni argued that Zambians must not develop the interest of becoming citizens of other countries instead they should be proud of their own.
He further questioned why people would want to become citizens in foreign countries.
And Labour Deputy Minister Ronald Chitotela who also did not support the dual citizenship clause said Zambians should maintain single citizenship adding that if one was in another country, they should abandon the citizenship of that country at a time they feel like returning back to Zambia.
Meanwhile, other delegates who were in support of the clause maintained that dual citizenship would benefit a lot of Zambians.
One of the delegates in favour of the clause, Albert Kaonga argued that Zambians are already benefiting from the citizens who are abroad through the help they render to institutions such as orphanages.

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