Luapula chief says people will pass vote of no confidence in PF

 CHIEF Mununga of Luapula Province says his people will deliver a no-confidence vote in 0PF and President Edgar Lungu on August 11 because they have not seen the benefits of voting for a ruling party in previous elections.

Speaking through his spokesperson Michael Kabesha Mununga, who is also his grandson, chief Mununga said the people of Chienge and Nchelenge would not vote for the PF because they feel the government had neglected them for a long time despite showing massive support to the ruling party.

“Our grievances are that ever since the president came into power, we have not seen any development but the people of Mununga gave him 99 per cent of the votes and people have said that they are not happy with what is happening and they have vowed not to vote for the PF because they are not happy with what the PF government is doing,” chief Mununga said.

He said the PF government had neglected his people.

“The roads are very bad, people cannot move from place to place, and sometimes we even think we will have voter apathy. There is no development, people are suffering,” chief Mununga said.

He said the poor road network had made development very difficult to reach the subjects, thereby subjecting them to untold suffering.

“There is nothing like rural area now, people know what is good for them, and they will surely pass a vote of no confidence. We gave the late president Michael Sata a lot of support and when he died, our people still gave the current President massive support and a lot of votes, but it won’t be the same this time because people are complaining,” chief Mununga said through his grandson.

And later when phoned, chief Mununga said the statement, through his grandson, was a true reflection of the people’s misgivings with the PF government for the lack of development in the area.

“Exactly, he is my spokesperson. I have appointed him. I will be telling him what my people want me to communicate to the nation through you people, so yes, those are my words,” said chief Mununga.


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