Luapula Chiefs refuse to meet Sata

CHIEFS in Luapula Province have rejected Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata as a presidential candidate for the 2011 elections.

The chiefs, who refused to meet Mr Sata at their palaces during his recent tour of the province, have described him as a person who cannot be trusted with the presidency of Zambia because he ‘keeps changing goal posts’.

Some of the chiefs who refused to meet Mr Sata are Mwata Kazembe, senior Chief Puta, Chief Kanyembo and Chief Kambwali.

The chiefs said Mr Sata managed to see Chief Munkanta after allegedly forcing his way to the palace.

Senior Chief Puta said in an interview from Luapula that Mr Sata cannot be trusted. He said the chiefs refused to meet him because he is alleged to have insulted them in the past.

The chief cited the 2006 campaigns when Mr Sata told chiefs in Luapula that Dr Katele Kalumba, Dr Frederick Chiluba and Xavier Chungu were innocent but he is now in the forefront condemning Dr Chiluba.

“It is difficult to trust Mr Sata because you don’t know where he will put his goal post today or the next day,” he said

Chief Puta said Mr Sata has wronged the chiefs in the province and he has never bothered to apologise.

“Mr Sata sent his people to my palace during his visit to the province. He wanted to meet me but I sent his people away because he cannot be trusted,” Chief Puta said.

He said Mr Sata has not apologised to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu for allegedly insulting him.

“I have given Mr Sata conditions that I can only accept his apology if he apologises to Chief Chitimukulu whom he offended,” Chief Puta said.

The chief said traditional leaders should not be treated like children because they are mature and learned enough to understand issues.

He said the chiefs in Luapula Province have vowed to support President Banda in the 2011 elections because of his maturity that has brought unity in the country.
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