Luapula Consitution Consultative Conferrence mess

Allow me to inform the ZWD that the Luapula Province Constitution Consultative Conferrence which is currently sitting at Henry Courtyard Lodge in Mansa has been chaotic in its representation.
The Provincial Chairperson has failed the people of Zambia on grounds that he has left out key stakeholders from the conferrence. Among the notable stakeholders left out are traditional leaders, the business community, the Legal Aid Board and some church bodies. Yesterday, Mr Sakeni confirmed during ZNBC main news that the Chairperson of the Luapula Provincial Consultative Conferrence has failed the people of Zambia.
The said Chairperson has considered a large number of magistrates, not knowing that magistrates only represent one sector, no matter how many may be present in the conferrence. This is a total failure! You may wish to know that traditional leaders, just as the Legal Aid Board represent and reflect the views of the majority, implying that if these two entities are missing voices of the majority are not represented. I write as a delegate of the same conferrence but am unhappy with what is going on here. The deliberations in the conferrence hall are chaotic and undirected.
Please Mr. editor withold my identity but in case of doubts ZNBC 19:00hrs main news featured Sakeni Who complained of the same unbalanced representation and you can come here at Henry Court Yard Lodge in Mansa to check the representation yourself. Alot of magistrates, for what!

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