Luapula Province endowed with huge economical potential-Kapita

Luapula province alone is endowed with huge economical potential, climatic conditions, landscapes, and water bodies that any country in this world needs to develop fully, says UPND deputy president for administration Richard Kapita.

And Mr. Kapita says politics of stereotyping and labeling being practiced in Lusaka would make one think Zambia was on a verge of civil war against each yet all the lovely people of Zambia were the same and still united as before.

Speaking when he addressed several wards, constituency, district, and provincial party recruitment and mobilization meetings in his 20-days marathon tour of Luapula and Northern provinces, Mr. Kapita said he could not understand why such a beautiful country blessed with all manner of resources should be poor and dependent on borrowed resources like the PF were doing.

“When I look at just the water bodies, landscape, climatic conditions and the beautiful people of Luapula province surely something should be wrong with the priorities being set by those in leadership and I fear God will never forgive us for not setting correct policies for our people”, he said.

He said with the right policies and leadership in power, Luapula province alone can create employment and feed the entire Zambia through fishing, agriculture, industries in sugar plantation, rice growing, palm oil, and tourism something that many developed countries do not have.

“I can assure you that as UPND when we come into power in 2016 through your support, politics of bickering, tribal stereotyping and labeling that has taken center stage for many years will not be our priority, but hard work for our people,” he said.

And Mr. Kapita says he was surprised with the rapid growth that the UPND has managed since he visited the province last year and shows that people across the country were embracing the party as a serious alternative.

He said it was surprising that people in various wards, constituencies, and districts in Luapula province were taking up the initiative to set-up structures on their own.

“Most of these structures I am meeting here were actually set-up even without our knowledge in Lusaka. I must confess I am very embarrassed but at the same time very encouraged with this development. I cannot imagine, but very impressed, that you people have already even identified possible UPND candidates for wards and constituencies for 2016,” he said.

He said the UPND will from now onwards pay particular attention to Luapula province through regular visitations by senior party leadership including the party president Hakainde Hichilema.

And UPND National Chairperson Ms. Mutale Nalumango who is party of the entourage appreciated that a lot of groundwork has been done in places visited so far such as Mwense, Mwansabombwe, Nchelenge and Chiengi districts but stressed that more work needed to be done and make UPND the strongest party in the province.

The delegation that has also been paying courtesy calls to traditional leadership comprises party Chairperson for Labour Percy Chanda, party campaign team leader Bernard Mpundu who is also former Minister in the MMD administration, Party Chairperson for Local government Regina Musokotwane and other officials.

And Mr. Chanda stressed the need to recruit more members from all age groups and gender in the province as party of party mobilization.

And the party leadership in the province complained of lack of regular visits by senior party leadership, a situation they described as quite frustrating at times.

They said they were now encouraged to meet senior party officials and were eagerly awaiting for party president Mr. Hichilema, who should have been in the entourage but some other urgent party programme and tour came-up.

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