Luapula traditional leaders to question Sata on Chiluba’s death

A hostile reception awaits the arrival of President Sata in Mansa today ahead of a series of campaign rallies tomorrow.

Some Traditional leaders from the province are reported to be planning to ask Sata to explain a number of issues pertaining to late President Fredrick Chiluba.

According to intelligence reports reaching the Zambian Watchdog, the chiefs will ask Sata in a private meeting why he has be friended people like Fred Mmembe who hates Chiluba to the grave.

They also want to tell Sata that he took advantage of Chiluba when Mwanawasa prosecuted Chiluba.
Sata is said to have told Luapula residents that Mwanawasa was persecuting their own.

That is how PF penetrated Luapula. The reports say the chiefs say after Chiluba was acquitted the same Sata said he was going to prosecute Chiluba.

Intelligence officers say the chiefs also want Sata to clarify on reports that Sata together with Mmembe, Mutembo, Kabimba and Mark Chona among others celebrated the night Chiluba died.

Further reports suggest that a PF Member of Central Committee Mr. Chipolo Mwale is making frantic efforts to stop the Chiefs from confronting Sata on Chiluba issues.

Mwale is meeting individual Chiefs at Mansa Lodge.

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