Lubinda being framed to create vacancy for Namulambe- PF sources

Lubinda being framed to create vacancy for Namulambe- PF sources

Sata looking away from Lubinda

Former Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe has been lobbying for a job with the PF since June this year, PF sources have told the Watchdog.

Meanwhile, PF sources have revealed that the ruling party and particularly Secretary General Winter Kabimba and Sylivia Masebo have deliberately framed Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda in order to create a full ministerial vacant position for former Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe.

Namulambe, who has been frequenting State House as revealed by the Watchdog  was initially offered a Deputy Ministerial position for Copperbelt Province, but he insisted that he wanted a full ministerial position, which he initially occupied under the Levy Mwanawasa and later Rupiah Banda administration and could not be demoted.

Sources revealed that Namulambe even asked that he replaces Christopher Yaluma as Transport, Works and Supply minister but president Michael Sata refused.

However, after negotiations and lobbying president Sata has now given a condition to all opposition MPs, including Namulambe that anyone who wants a job from government, especially full ministerial position, should first resign his party and join the ruling PF.

This is the same condition that Namulambe was given when he met president Sata on Monday at mid-night, see Watchdog revelation of Namulambe’s State House visit here.

Namulambe finally gave in to this condition in line with what other sources revealed to the Watchdog that a group of former ministers who worked with late president Levy Mwanawasa are determined to reclaim back power even through the PF in a project being supported  by former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa.

Meanwhile, reports from Mpongwe indicate that Namulambe’s attempt to woo all the MMD Councillors to PF has failed as they have refused to defect with Namulambe because they did not want to be used by someone’s selfish motives.

And Foreign Affairs minister, Given Lubinda is being framed by Winter Kabimba in order to create a vacant full ministerial position for Mpongwe MP as president Sata is reluctant to create another full ministry or drop someone else.

Sources say, Lubinda became an easiest target to frame because of the challenge he poses to Kabimba’s presidential ambitions in 2016 when Mr. Sata will be expected to retire.

According to sources, the PF were careful by opting to risk an urban seat where they feel they can easily reclaim in order to create a vacant for Namulambe and initially considered hounding out Lands minister Wilber Simuusa from Chingola.

But it was felt that Simuusa has been a loyal PF member with no previous links with any other party and the party leadership also felt they needed him in order to keep whoodwinking Zambians that they were not a tribal party.

Mr. Lubinda therefore became an ease prey because of his previous links as a member of UPND and later Sakwiba’s United Liberal Party (ULP) and PF calculations are that they can easily reclaim back the Kabwata seat should he be expelled or forced to resign on his own.

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