Lubinda challenges Machungwa to state why he fled Luapula

Patriotic Front (PF) Aspiring Candidate for Kabwata Given Lubinda has challenged his Movement For Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Peter Machungwa to tell the electorate in the area why he ran away from his former constituency Luapula where he has more chances of emerging victorious.

In an interview with joy fm, Lubinda stated that Machungwa should tell the people why he was rejected by the electorate in his previous area and not impose himself on the Kabwata people.

He said Machungwa, who is also a former PF rebel Member of Parliament (MP) will have an uphill battle to wrestle the seat from him.

Lubinda expressed confidence at retaining the Kabwata seat as he is the area’s former parliamentarian and the public have confidence that he will deliver if given another mandate.

He further reiterated his party’s commitment to focus on campaigns that are aimed at addressing the needs of the citizens and fostering national development as opposed to character assassination and mudslinging.

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