Lubinda chased from Cabinet meeting

Lubinda chased from Cabinet meeting

President Michael Sata yesterday allegedly chased away Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda from the cabinet meeting.

Sources from State Hous have told the Watchdog that when the Mr. Sata entered the Cabinet meeting room, he found Mr. Lubinda seated with other ministers.

Then Mr. Sata started shouting at Mr. Lubinda that he could not allow him in the cabinet meeting because he had been informed by PF Secretary General, Winter Kabimba, that he (Lubinda) was treacherous.

Mr. Lubinda tried to explain to Mr. Sata that the accusations were not true, but typical of President Sata, he could not give him a hearing and ordered that he leaves the cabinet room.

At that stage, there was a mini quarell between Mr. Lubinda and Kabimba before the former finally left.

Mr. Lubinda has been accused of treacherous behaviour by the Kabimba camp that want him hounded out of the party as he is seen as a threat to Kabimba’s presidential ambitions.

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