Lubinda continues mocking UPND

Kabwata PF MP Given Lubinda has insisted that there is no opposition in Zambia.

It really takes a dull person not to see the opposition in Zambia.

In an interview with government newspapers, Lubinda said the type of reaction from the UPND regarding his statement which appeared in the Post Newspapers that there is no opposition in Zambia confirms the pettiness associated with opposition politics.

Did he expect the UPND to clap for him after insulting them?

“I did opposition politics for ten years and we were much more organised and focused than this Mickey Mouse politics the UPND is playing,” Mr Lubinda said.

So you have set yourself as standard for opposition politics?

He said he is ready to battle it out with the UPND in Kabwata constituency.

But he did not respond to the challenge to resign so that he tests his popularity.

“I am so happy that they are coming into Kabwata, they are welcome even during the day or night, let them come and maybe they could grow the UPND beyond the Southern Province,” he said.

The UPND has seats in Southern, Western, Central, Northwestern and Copperbelt provinces. The tribal tag is becoming very difficulty to sustain.

Mr. Lubinda maintained that there is no oppositionworth talking about adding that President Sata should continue beyond 2016.

“The current opposition in Zambia is in a mess, it can’t unseat the PF and this is the argument I make in the newspaper but the UPND has chosen to attack me personally, I am not moved.” why not wait for 2016? Besides,
PF is not entirely organised and some MPs do not speak to each other or to the president.

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