Lubinda does not regret firing Masebo & Kabimba’s illegitimate son

Lubinda does not regret firing Masebo & Kabimba’s illegitimate son

dickThough it is about to cost him his government job, foreign Affairs minister Given Lubinda does not regret recalling Sylvia Masebo and Wynter Kabimba’ son from the embassy in Japan.

Tourism minister and Justice minister Wynter Kabimba have a 24 year old son Dick Masebo junior who was appointed deputy ambassador to Japan earlier last year.

When President Michael Sata visited Japan a few months ago, Dick Masebo as deputy ambassador could not properly organise the presidential visit resulting in the president sometimes photographed seated alone waiting for embassy staff.

This prompted Lubinda to recall Dick Masebo, who, according to government sources is now 24 years old. He does not have any academic qualification required for civil servants especially senior diplomats.

He has no work experience as this is his first job.

People close to the Masebo family say apart from this lack of education and experience, Dick Masebo has a mental problem that makes him unable to work properly.

The boy is said to be retarded and suffering from a certain mental condition that makes him ‘slow’.

This annoyed the parents of the boy who decided that Lubinda must be fired from government and expelled from the PF.

But sources close to Lubinda say that he does not regret recalling the illegitimate son of the two ministers as he was acting to preserve Zambia’s image and serve the president from further embarrassment.

But even if Masebo Dickson was recalled by the minister of Foreign Affairs, he is still working at the embassy. He has just been relegated. His position of Minister Counsellor (Deputy Ambassador) has been taken up by a Jim Sinyinza.

Dickson Masebo is now third in hierarchy at the embassy as he is just counsellor. See the positions here

Sylvia Tembo was married to Dick Masebo, a once upon rich businessman who funded her lavish lifestyle as a student at UNZA. She divorced him after he became broke.

She retained the name Masebo.

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