Humiliation: Lubinda fired as Speaker tells him to sit at back bench

Humiliation: Lubinda fired as Speaker tells him to sit at back bench

ubindaPresident Michael Sata has finally fired Kabwata MP Given Lubinda from Cabinet and the position of Foreign Affairs Minister.

Sources at parliament told the Watchdog that Mr. Lubinda, has been sitting on the front bench with other senior ministers but Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini requested the former minister to change his sitting position in the house.

The request by the speaker took all the Ministers including Lubinda and parliamentarians by surprise as they were not expecting such humiliation.

Lubinda has since moved to the back bench as an ordinary Member of Parliament in the middle of the session that was live on parliament radio and MuviTV.

In place of Mr. Lubinda, his former deputy, Effron Lungu moved in meaning he is now the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Sources also say Mr. Lubinda has been humiliated as his driver has been ordered to leave parliament with the flag removed and he (Lubinda) would now have to borrow for transport from a good samaritan or call for his personal vehicle home.

Mr. Lubinda has lately been facing charges with the party instigated by Justice Minister Winter Kabimba and Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe who have accused him of being a traitor.

With the disciplinary hearing expected later this month, Lubinda is likely to be expelled from PF as the party is waiting for back-lash that may result from his dismissal in the up-coming by-election, especially in Livingstone.

Justice Minister Kabimba has been acting in his place as Lubinda has been on leave from the ministry for sometime.

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