Lubinda’s integrity in question as he is suspended from PF

Lubinda’s integrity in question as he is suspended from PF

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda was yesterday handed a six month suspension from PF effective from 10th December 2012 to June 2013.

Mr. Lubinda who is also PF Kabwata MP has suspended for treacherous behaviour in the party which effectively reduces his reputation as a credible and reliable politician in the country.

There is so far no word from Mr. Lubinda himself over the charge and the verdict effectively diminishes his political career if he is indeed a treacherous and unreliable character who lacks integrity.

It is so far clear what the suspension means to his parliamentary seat as it is unprecedented for the party to suspend a sitting MP.

The party have said they will seek the National Speaker, Patrick Matibini’s guidance on whether Mr. Lubinda will be eligible to maintain his seat while on suspension from the party that sponsored him to parliament.

Members of the PF within PF have been calling for his expulsion from the party but the Central Committee that met yesterday feared they may not retain their seat once he is expelled.

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