Lubinda is free to empower drunkards with Jameson or Gin and Tonic – FDD

Last week, FDD launched an Agriculture Start-Up Grant program aimed at empowering small scale farmers. The K500,000 program will initially benefit 4000 farmers across the country.
However, yesterday Hon Given Lubinda, the Minister of Agriculture told Parliament that Government has not allowed FDD to empower small scale farmers and that FDD should register with the registrar of societies if we want to continue with our program of empowering farmers.
Here are the facts.
1. As a Party, we do not need permission from anyone to empower our people and lift them out of poverty.
2. Mr. Lubinda and his Paya Farmer Government have put a tombstone on the Agriculture sector.
3. Mr. Lubinda and his government are simply jealous and embarrassed that FDD an opposition political party has managed to do what his Government has lamentably failed to do despite all the money and mandate.
4. As a Minster of Agriculture Mr. Lubinda should have been the first one to encourage and commend FDD for coming to the aid of our distressed and impoverished farmers instead of coming up with petty and school boy arguments.
5. Let Mr. Lubinda start his own program. He is free to start empowering drunkards with Jameson or Gin and Tonic.
6. Just last week President Edgar Lungu dared those with “amano” to provide solutions. Mr. Lubinda, this is a practical demonstration of what we are capable of doing as a Party. We are simply responding to the President and instead of being disgruntled you should take the opportunity to visit and learn from FDD how to run the Agriculture sector.
7. As a Party we remain committed to helping our people in any way possible and we shall not relent in our noble cause of ensuring that we archive a poverty-free Zambia.
Issued by Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson

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