Lubinda may stand as independent, prefers to be expelled

Lubinda may stand as independent, prefers to be expelled

lubindaKabwata PF MP Given Lubinda is pondering standing as Independent candidate if he is expelled by the PF.
And Lubinda has told people close to him that he prefers to be expelled from the ruling party as he thinks that will win him public sympathy.
Lubinda, who is the Foreign Affairs minister, is likely to be expelled from the ruling party on charges of treachery, working with the opposition UPND and passing information to the Daily Nation and Zambian Watchdog.
Lubinda, who is also PF chairman for Information and publicity has told people who have been urging him to strike first by  resigning that resigning is not a good strategy.
He believes that when he is expelled, he will be seen by Kabwata voters and the country at large as a victim. Lubinda is said to be hoping that his case will drag on so that he can benefit from the publicity where he is seen by voters as a victim of the intolerant PF.

His expulsion is almost certain as the PF central committee meets anytime but most likely this week to ‘hear’ his case. PF insiders says that there is no doubt that Lubinda will be expelled as president Sata is with Kabimba on this one. Even if he has a few central committee members who support him, they are unlikely to defend him as voting in that meeting will be by show of hands not secret ballot and Kabimba will be there to see who raises his hand for Lubinda.

Chishimba Kambwili who tried to defend Lubinda was silenced by one statement that he is giving his girlfriends money meant for youth empowerment.

Lubinda has been MP for Kwabata for 12 years now, starting in 2001 on the UPND ticket.
Lubinda is willing to defend his seat on the UPND ticket but feels that going back to UPND will be giving his enemies in PF the ammunition as they will say ‘we told you he has always been UPND.

But PF sources say whether Lubinda stands as an independent or hides in UPND, they will flush him out parliament. PF sources say they will do anything to make sure Kabwata does not go to the opposition after Lubinda is expelled as that will send wrong signals that the PF is crumbling.

PF sources also say that if Lubinda will make a lot of ‘noise’ when he is chased, the Anti Corruption and regular police will go knocking at his door. According to sources, there are a number of illegal activities  Lubinda has been involved in as minister of Foreign Affairs and senior member of the Lusaka City Council.

But Lubinda also faces rebellion from some of his close friends who have been helping him win elections even if his performance as MP in Kabwata is pathetic.
A number of people close to Lubinda talked to said that he grew pompous and big-headed when he was appointed minister by Sata.
His colleagues accuse him of having stopped answering their phone calls but that in the past three weeks, he has been sending them text message.


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