Lubinda may stand as independent, prefers to be expelled

Kabwata PF MP Given Lubinda is pondering standing as Independent candidate if he is expelled by the PF.
And Lubinda has told people close to him that he prefers to be expelled from the ruling party as he thinks that will win him public sympathy.
Lubinda, who is the Foreign Affairs minister, is likely to be expelled from the ruling party on charges of treachery, working with the opposition UPND and passing information to the Daily Nation and Zambian Watchdog.
Lubinda, who is also PF chairman for Information and publicity has told people who have been urging him to strike first by  resigning that resigning is not a good strategy.
He believes that when he is expelled, he will be seen by Kabwata voters and the country at large as a victim. Lubinda is said to be hoping that his case will drag on so that he can benefit from the publicity where he is seen by voters as a victim of the intolerant PF.

His expulsion is almost certain as the PF central committee meets anytime but most likely this week to ‘hear’ his case. PF insiders says that there is no doubt that Lubinda will be expelled as president Sata is with Kabimba on this one. Even if he has a few central committee members who support him, they are unlikely to defend him as voting in that meeting will be by show of hands not secret ballot and Kabimba will be there to see who raises his hand for Lubinda.

Chishimba Kambwili who tried to defend Lubinda was silenced by one statement that he is giving his girlfriends money meant for youth empowerment.

Lubinda has been MP for Kwabata for 12 years now, starting in 2001 on the UPND ticket.
Lubinda is willing to defend his seat on the UPND ticket but feels that going back to UPND will be giving his enemies in PF the ammunition as they will say ‘we told you he has always been UPND.

But PF sources say whether Lubinda stands as an independent or hides in UPND, they will flush him out parliament. PF sources say they will do anything to make sure Kabwata does not go to the opposition after Lubinda is expelled as that will send wrong signals that the PF is crumbling.

PF sources also say that if Lubinda will make a lot of ‘noise’ when he is chased, the Anti Corruption and regular police will go knocking at his door. According to sources, there are a number of illegal activities  Lubinda has been involved in as minister of Foreign Affairs and senior member of the Lusaka City Council.

But Lubinda also faces rebellion from some of his close friends who have been helping him win elections even if his performance as MP in Kabwata is pathetic.
A number of people close to Lubinda talked to said that he grew pompous and big-headed when he was appointed minister by Sata.
His colleagues accuse him of having stopped answering their phone calls but that in the past three weeks, he has been sending them text message.



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    Leopards Hill 5 years

    People of Zambia, you need to voice your own opinions of someone and not beause of what the majority say about a person. Wyther Kabimba in my books is a dirty crook who will not stop until he get’s what he wants. More like a spoilt rotten child. He is uneducated we all know that and busy shooting blanks yet we forget so easlily about his long record of corruption, adultery, mistresses, having children outside of marriage and so many things we don’t know about yet and we trust him!! He is like a small little dog against a Doberman and all he can do is bark and make noise to get attention because that’s what small dogs do.

    Mr. Lubinda is known as an outspoken politician which only means because of his outgoing nature is the reason Sata won the elections not beause he is like Sata. He came under criticism from both members of the then ruling party (Movement for Multiparty Democracy) and the opposition for voicing concerns on issues such as expenditure after the Zambian government planned and eventually increased salaries and allowances for both Ministers and Members of Parliament following the death of President Levy Mwanawasa, but we Zambians forgethe was fighting for us!!

    Lubinda is also seen by some as a possible successor to the aging Zambian President Michael Sata who became president in September, 2011 after failing to win Presidential elections in 2001, 2006 and 2008. In January 2012, Given Lubinda bungee-jumped from the Victoria Falls bridge to restore confidence in the jump arrangements after Australian Erin Langworthy’s rope broke during her jump. He has offered to jump again with Langworthy. So Zambia… what are you doing with all your stupid signs and angry faces online making fools of yourselves because you have been promised Chibuku and busy painting a bad name for a wise man.

    Get your facts straight and go for the real bad guys like Edgar Lungu the drunk (he`s pathetic), Wynter Kabimba, GBM, and all the nasty PF plus their iliterate slogan chanting grade 6 cadres with no sense of direction at all. Grow up PF! Grow up Wynter Kabimba! Grow up GBM! and grow up Edgar Lungu!!

    State House, I`m demanding the immediate expulsion of Wynter Kabimba period!! Man needs to go ASAP!!

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    gAutocat 5 years


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    T.B. Joshua’s prophesy for leaders in 2013 has already started in Zed.

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    Sansakuwa Chikala 5 years

    All along i knew that Given was in the party for thugs. Now it is dawning on him. There is no man of sane mind like given can survive in a den of thugs.

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    Pops 5 years

    Lubinda was the voice of PF before they came into Government and he thought all he used to say would be what the PF would do once in power but instead it is the contrary. He does not see himself being a part of the goings on and is the reason that he might see himself being forced out. I believe he is actually showing himself to be an honest man. When Winter says he’s not being loyal it’s only because he’s simply taking a stand against the wrong the PF is doing. He obviously saw the PF as a party with a better agenda than the MMD able to take Zambia to higher heights from where the MMD left off. Too bad…

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    Money Changer 5 years

    Tongas PF is not finished. It will be in power even after 2016 and 2021. We have just started leading you. Watch this space. You have a big problem. Before 2011 elections you were very certain HH will win the presidency but your man came third. Now you have started glorifying him for 2016 mubepele fye. You mean only Tongas will vote in 2016? As long as other provinces will vote HH will get zeroooo come 2016.

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    True Lubinda, has become pompus and extremly unhelpful. Have you (bloggers) visited this guy when things were good with him? he would look at u as if you are some trush….? Would he win Kabwata?? maybe those who have not interacted with him would vote for him.

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    Albert Masiye Phiri 5 years

    Mr lubinda has done what his best. word of advice, he should not stand if or or definitely when he is expelled. He will be judged by his works.

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    Dollar 5 years


    you have become irrerevant to the Zambian people who wanted change so you must leave politics and go into business.



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    Sc 5 years

    Sorry man. I like you

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    birima 5 years

    Lubinda is getting what he deserves.He had too much trust in Mr Sata. Even though he knew as well as we know that the trust was misplaced. Pompous he became. without a doubt! The one who is getting this guy from the PF is Fred Mmembe and Amos Malupenga. If you recall before the elections Lubinda told a guy who had complained about the sudden change of attitude of the post staff towards PF that ,’let it be so for now we will deal with them when we win.’ Instead they have dealt with him. remember what became of sakala richard for having said while still press secretary for Dr FTJ that tell mmembe i don’t talk to homosexuals? with the consent of king cabbage task force on corruption was literally task force on richard sakala!mmembe never forgives and never forgets! You see Lubinda was irritatingly more PF than Mr Sata at one point in the run up to the elections. He has been used. He is being dumped. Like a condom! Lesson to all of you

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    Nsunsa 5 years

    How I wish these youths would demand better roads, healthcare, and education with the same vigor! I know there is somebody feeding them with pittance, but expelling Lubinda from PF is not going to put food on their table. As I write, pa stove yakwa Lubinda akabwali kalebwata.

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    Lubinda_is_the_man 5 years

    the D09s are feeding Lubinda to the hungry lions with this article… it does him no favours at all. It is a turn of events from the d09s and I reckon the article is vile because I suspect Lubinda might have turned a request by UPND for him to quit PF and stand on their (UPND’s) platform… hence this article and ensure Lubinda has no chance whatsoever of winning the Kabwata if he stood as an Independent. Just read between the lines and compare past articles on him over the same issue.

    That said, we don’t know how the people of Kabwata will react or vote – all this is mere speculation. One thing is for sure: Lubinda can beat anyone if elections are held free and fair – from campaigning that lacks violence and no bribes to non-rigged elections. He can easily win and he should go down fighting. PF will only beat Lubinda by campaigning using thugs to unleash violence and intimidation; and if that failed they would rig elections. Anyone remember Sata brandishing Pangas and Machetes in Kabwata / Libala when he was still in the MMD. I recall even his poster sucker boy wrote a vile article condemning him that he was a thug.

    Ba d09s if there’s malice in your article whatsoever, please write a more positive story on the man next time. This particular one has damaged him badly – just look at the comments below. The last stories solicited more positive and sympathetic comments from bloggers. Truly the media and can make or break a political career of a candidate. Remember you have now assumed the role of The Post now and many bloggers now view you as Gospel of Zambia.

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    Mwamba 5 years

    If am Lubinda,I can just stop politics today infact 12years is enough & he has shown that he is a good leader. Ba Lubinda leave the stage when we are still clapping you.Kabimba is dull leader evenif you continue politics he will make sure things are tough for you.

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    grace 5 years

    We need fresh beginning instead of continuing with the dirty games of 2012.pardoning of female prisoners would have been more meaningful if PF cleansed itself of their strong sentiment to revenge at all begins at advice to Lubinda is that do not trust people anyhow but seal your lips and cling to Jesus the only faithful friend when all earthly ones betray you by pretending to sympathize after which they sell you out to the media or your bosses if ever you have any.Abandon yo fight to the Lord.In situations like this,mind what you share even with family members because some dont mean well for you or might share with their friends who could be planted.people have shared their views about this issue and hence the best is to wait for their decision while you cling to the Lord,but the final decision after the outcome is dependent on you and what gives you peace after considering all the varying views.God bless.

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    Lubinda you are a great man and you have my vote but plz dont stand as an independent as it will be toooooooooooo difficult to counter check pf nonsense during vote counting,but if you join one of the leading opposition it gives you more support ant it will be very easy to organise the ant rigging squard, or use mapatizya formular .
    3 ways to deal with thugs=(a)aways bring them to surface as they like hiding .(b)read their moves befor they act and then you deffensively counter attack.(c)be colourless meaning you need to be able to ajust your moves at any given millisecond,when they get confused,move faster be they get back to their half normal sense