Lubinda orders millers on mealie meal

Government has ordered millers not to increase the prices of the mealie meal.

Agriculture and minister Given Lubinda said his Ministry had set-up an urgent meeting with the millers today to discuss the mealie meal prices and the wheat situation.

Meali meal, the staple food, is unaffordable for most Zambians at the time.

On December 14, 2014 when he was campaigning n Mandevu, Edgar Lungu promised that his first priority once elected would be to reduce the prices of meali meal.

Lubinda said in a press statement on Tuesday that the Ministry would issue another statement on mealie mealprices and the wheat situation after the planned meeting is held.

“I wish to state that until this meeting is held, no miller should effect any increases on mealie meal prices. My Ministry will issue a further statement on Mealie Meal prices and the wheat situation after the planned meeting is held,” he said.

He said Government is concerned with the increasing prices of mealie meal and wheat and the confusion regarding the wheat situation in the country.



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