Lubinda still in the dark over dismissal

Lubinda still in the dark over dismissal

Dismissed former Foreign Affairs Minister and Kabwata MP Given Lubinda has not yet received official communication on his dismissal from president Michael Sata.

Sources close to Mr. Lubinda said the former minister is still in the dark because what has been communicated to him so far is verbal communication from Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini and media reports.

Yesterday, Speaker of National Assembly Matibini, in the middle of parliamentary session requested the former minister to take up the back seat because he (Matibini) had received communication that there have been changes in government.

Matibini in his ruling to a point of order raised by Zambezi West UPND MP Charles Kakoma on why Mr. Lubinda had moved to the back-bench reserved for ordinary MPs said his office had received communication and hoped that the public relations unit of State House will eventually officially fire Mr. Lubinda.

Former deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Effron Lungu immediately moved in Lubinda’s seat indicating that he was now the substantive Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Lubinda’s fate in the party he helped win elections is almost a forgone conclusion as they are likely to expel him Saturday 23 February when they meet again.

During the last disciplinary hearing, those in support of Lubinda’s expulsion from the party were defeated after several votes until president Michael Sata suspended the meeting.

The mover of the motion to expel Lubinda, Justice Minister Winter Kabinda was not in the meeting as he was attending the African Union summit and the president requested that the meeting be adjourned to allow for wider consultations.

But what the members have now gathered is that the president was actually consulting Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe and Kabimba on the way forward after the motion was defeated.

Immediately after Lubinda was dismissed from the front bench yesterday, a meeting of PF cadres was hastily arranged at Chilenje hall to mount pressure on the Central Committee to expel Mr. Lubinda tomorrow and pave way for Kabwata by election likely to be contested by president Sata’s son, Mulenga Sata who is the current deputy Lusaka Mayor.

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