Lubinda to be expelled after Livingstone by-election

Lubinda to be expelled after Livingstone by-election

ubindaPF Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda will be expelled after the Livingstone parliamentary by-election.

Sources at PF secretariat say President Michael Sata, party Secretary-General Wynter Kabimba and Fred M’membe have agreed to wait until the Lozis in Livingstone have voted for the PF candidate Lawrence Evans.

Foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda who is on leave according to State House official statement is facing charges of leaking information to the Watchdog, Daily National and working with UPND.

He was supposed to be expelled from the party last month but Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and others defeated the move by Kabimba and party outsiders like Fred M’membe.

Kabimba was expected to re-launch his bid to expel Lubinda immediately he returned from the OAU summit but was advised that expelling Lubinda now would have negative results for the party in the Livingstone by-election.

A lot of voters in Livingstone are Lozi and in past by-elections, Lubinda was naturally in the PF campaign team. But this time Lubinda is not. He has been replaced by Kabimba’s lover Sylvia Masebo. Masebo is not liked in  Livingstone and her very presence is  minus for the ruling party.

But people working with Kabinda have disclosed that just after the by-election, Lubinda will be expelled.

Up to now Lubinda does not go to work but stays at home.

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