Lubinda’s unprecedented behavior


A couple of weeks ago Kabwata Member of Parliament Honourable Given Lubinda made news as he kept on attacking the opposition political parties. He claimed that in Zambia we don’t have any opposition political party.

It makes sad reading to hear that such comments are coming from a person of his caliber. Lubinda spent 10 years of his first two terms as an MP in the opposition. During this period he became a voice of the voiceless hence the reason that we voters of Kabwata constituency kept on voting for him regardless of which political party he aligned himself with.

Even when he crossed over to the most useless political party in the history of Zambian politics (PF), we still voted for him as we believed in him as a true democrat who believed in multiparty, political pluralism and constitutionalism. When PF came into power we were optimistic that people like Given Lubinda will be there to guide these useless leaders that the people of Zambia accidentally put in power. To our disappointment, Lubinda also started behaving like one of them. I can even remember when the PF government got the first Euro Bond (Kaloba) Lubinda was heard celebrating that this is one of PF government’s first big achievements.

It was at this point that I started questioning Lubinda’s integrity and I started wondering that was he also one of those many useless PF MPs. After a short while, his own political party started accusing him of being a traitor and I thought he would resign as those allegations looked false to some of us who mistakenly thought Lubinda was a man of integrity. He was later removed as a cabinet minister but he decided to remain silent to all those allegations. As we may all know that silence is consent! Does that mean that all those allegations leveled against him were true going by his silence?

Then I got information regarding him refusing to pay his bricklayer his salary after building his Chalala mansion. Lubinda contracted a certain bricklayer, name withheld for security reasons, to build him that big mansion you see in Chalala. This man did party of the job then Lubinda ordered him to stop and he decided to contract another bricklayer and he refused to pay him for the job that he had done.

In contract law, if the other party breaches the contract, the innocent party has the right to be compensated for the part of work that he has done. Since this bricklayer could not challenge Lubinda in the courts of law, Lubinda took advantage and intimidated this innocent bricklayer.

The bricklayer told Lubinda that “ok  boss just give K 400 so that I go and pay for the scaffolds as I had just hired them and the owner wants the money”. Lubinda responded by saying I’m not the one who hired them. The poor bricklayer had to look for K400 from another source to pay for the scaffolds as the owner reported the issue to the PF police.

This bricklayer has worked with Lubinda for too long because he was one of those bricklayers that were building Lubinda’s brothel in chilenje called Namakau house named after one of his slut daughters. So if this man was also involved in building Namakau house, why should he do a shoddy job today when Lubinda is in government?  After I heard this story, read the comments that Lubinda issued about the opposition and looking at his behavior while in PF, I remembered the old adage which says birds of the same feather flock together. That explains why Lubinda decided to join PF because he is just like all of the PF members.

So Zambians when the President say that he has useless MPs, don’t think Lubinda is an exception, no he is one of them. Therefore, my fellow voters in Kabwata constituency as we vote for a member of parliament in 2016, let us not forget the bizarre kind of behavior that LUbinda has exhibited during these years that he has been under a ruling party.


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