‘Lufwanyama defranchised’


I think the ECZ’s current voter registration is cosmetic and just meant to keep up appearances. I think it is meant to deceive the international community and citizens that Zambia is a bastion of democracy when in truth it is meant to perpetuate the desires and wishes of the PF. Voter registration is not serving any purpose here in Lufwanyama.I observed at one voter registration centre that the officials were just yawning from morning to afternoon.

There are very few people coming through for registration or replacement. People really want to register but they don’t have NRCs. They are so many teens who have reached 18 years but don’t have NRCs. The old folks have lost theirs and others have damaged ones. All these are being turned away. If government was very serious at capturring voters they could have allowed people to have the green card first before ECZ gets into the field. Lufwanyama is vast. The registration office is far.

The dusty Lufwanyama roads are so bad and forsaken such that we are only praying God sends down graders from heaven to come and work on them. For no human seems interested to work on them. So most of my fellow villagers can’t go to the boma. I request the politicians, the diplomats and pressure groups to compel government to bring mobile voter registration here. When H. E. Lungu came here he acknoledged that Lufwanyama didn’t vote for him. Thus I think many people here may be robbed of their democratic rights for the ruling party knows this is not its strong hold.

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