Luhila, Austin Sichinga to testify against RB

Luhila, Austin Sichinga to testify against RB


2011, Luhila (left) presenting his credential in Burkina Faso

Former State House Chief of Staff Austin Sichinga has agreed to be one of the witnesses who will testify against former president Rupiah Banda.

Former High Commissioner to Nigeria Alexis Cadman Luhila has also agreed to betray his former appointing authority and will be in the queue of traitors who will testify against the former president.

Austin Sichinga joins his concubine Catherine Namugala on the list of witnesses.

Sichinga, the younger brother to minister Robert Sichinga, has three children with Catherine Namugala. They stay together sometimes.

Former MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe will also offer his services to the prosecutors.

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