Lukulu accuses Lungu of making more tribal appointments

Lukulu accuses Lungu of making more tribal appointments

James Kasanda Lukulu writes ????????



Stand up for Zambia, call for an inclusive ZAMBIA.

NOTE: While others may be of mixed tribes, the concentration is drawn from the name and the tribe the official aligns himself with.

Lusaka- Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Paul Chanda(Mines), *Bemba*

David Shamulenge(Livestock), *Soli*

Brigadier Gen Emelda Chola(Energy), *Bemba*

Danies Chisenda as new Permanent Secretary for National Development Planning (M&E). *Bemba*

Mr. Chanda Kaziya as new Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Services. *Bemba*

Barnaby Mulenga has been transferred to the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development, *Bemba*

Mr. Paul Chanda contract has not been renewed. *Bemba*

President Lungu has promoted Danny Bukali as new Permanent Secretary for Western Province. *Bemba*

Mr. Trevor Kaunda from Cabinet Office(MDD)  goes to Ministry of Energy. *Bemba*

Brig General Emelda Chola’s contract has not been renewed. *Bemba*

Bishop Edward Chomba goes to Ministry of Local Government. *Bemba*

Mr. Amos Malupenga goes to Ministry of Tourism. *Luapula*

Mr. Mushumwa Mulenga from Planning goes to Ministry of Commerce. *Bemba*

Mrs. Kayula Siame goes to Ministry of Higher Education. *Bemba/ Namwanga*

Rev. Howard Sikwela has been taken to National Gyidance and Religious. *Toka Leya*

Katongo Chifwepa goes to Cabinet Office (MDD). *Bemba*

The appointments, transfers and non-renewals  have been made in accordance  with Article 92(1), 92(10), 92(2) (e), and 270 of the Constitution of Zambia.

From Japan with tribalism

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
*RPP President*

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