Lukulu Bye-elections; shame on inonge Wina

Dear Editor,

I write this letter with a heavy heart to hear that the VP Scott,Inonge Wina and Mubukwanu are currently in Lukulu soliciting for the Lozi vote for Imbwae the PF candidate.

Is it not just recently that Sata instructed  his Army commander to shoot and kill any Lozi in Lukulu?

When they say Enisha ‘Shoot’.

Even if we really wanted development it should not be at all costs.

Shame on Inonge Wina and Nathaniel Mubukwanu for their love for money.

Your great grandfather Lewanika will be turning in his grave to see that his Children are Judas Iscariots.

As for the people of Lukulu,abstaining from voting is gifting the seat to the PF and Sata.

Give the seat to UPND the only other candidate as a protest vote.

Nakoi ifitile

(Name Withheld)

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