Lunatic says he can fund 53 bye-elections if MMD is de-registered

A Lusaka based  lunatic  says if the government and other cooperating partners don’t have money to fund the  53 by elections that could be caused  if president Sata and Clement Andeleke succeed in the plot to de-register the MMD, he is ready to foot the bill to cost about K160 billion.

Lawrence Mulenga who appears to be insane and claims to have been the owner of the land now housing Lusaka’s Levy Junction before it was developed by the MMD government said he had discussed the issue with his wife and was ready to take up the challenge.

“The government is saying they have no money but if they really don’t have it, I have discussed the issue with my wife  this morning and we are ready to foot the bill through our company Mwange Contractors,” Mulenga tgold a local TV station, Mobi  Thursday evening.

Mulenga who claims to be an  engineer and that his businesses were messed up by the MMD  when it was in power said it is important that the country holds by-elections to replace the MMD MPs saying he will do his part to make sure this is achieved.

He added that the de-registration of the MMD should serve as a lesson to ruling parties against disregarding some laws simply because they are in power.

The truth is that the premises Mulenga is talking about has always been owned by government and upto 2003 was occupied by the Engineering Services Corporation (ESCO).

When ESCO was closed, government invited bids to develop the premises. The winning bidder decided to demolish the existing ugly structures left behind by ESCO in order to develop the current modern facilities.

The problem that arose was of tenants who were renting to ESCO. They resisted the demolishing and their chairman and spokesperson was Lawrence Charles Mulenga.

It’s this same Mulenga who is now claiming that he owned the premises.

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