Lundazi Catholics hold Mass for their deported priest

Scores of Catholics in Lundazi Friday gathered for Mass to pray for deported father Viateur Banyangandora.

The Mass was  held at lundazi Boma Parish starting from 17 hours.

‘The mass was just to pray for father Viateur Banyangandora,the deported catholic priest.Mass started at 17 hrs.There is alot of sadness about what has happened.The lundazi catholics are very bruised,’ a church member told the Watchdog.

There is no official reaction from the Catholic Church so far but the Watchdog understands a strong reaction is coming. And nothing has been heard from the priest himself.

The PF regime deported the priest on Thursday evening.

Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu said Father Viateur Banyangandora, 40, was deported to his country of origin for violating the laws of the country.
Lungu said Fr Banyangandora’s conduct was found to be a danger to peace and good order in Zambia. He did not say what he did exactly.

But the Watchdog was told that he was deported for preaching about poverty and justice for the poor during a Mass.

Father Banyangandora was picked up at his residence by police at about 5 p.m., July 30, and taken to Lusaka for questioning, Father Evan Sakala, the parish’s parochial vicar told the Catjholic news service.

Father Sakala explained that police pointed to comments that Father Banyangandora made in which he castigated the government over its handling of an impasse between cotton growers and cotton ginners. Authorities, Father Sakala said, apparently considered the comments capable of inciting people to rise against the government.

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