Lundazi MP forged G12 certificate

Lundazi MP forged G12 certificate

– Given 10 days to resign

Lundazi Central Constituency may in the next few weeks have an Independent Member of Parliament or have a parliamentary bye elections depending on how the “able” constitution court interprets the amended constitution.

The development follows the discovery that the Member of Parliament Lawrence Nyirenda has no Grade 12 Certificate.

A source from the Intelligence Community has told the Zambian Watchdog in an exclusive interview that Colonel Bizwayo Nkunika who stood as an Independent Candidate and came second got information that the PF MP for Lundazi has no grade twelve certificate and that he connived with the Council Secretary to file his nomination.

Colonel Nkunika launched private investigations and proved that the allegations were true.

He then wrote to the Electoral Commission of Zambia presenting the evidence to Justice Esau Chulu. Justice Chulu wrote back to Colonel Nkunika to report the matter to the Inspector General of Police.

After conducting investigations, it was revealed that true to the allegations, Mr. Nyirenda has no grade twelve certificate and presented a forged one.

The Inspector General of Police then gave a letter to Colonel Nkunika to take to the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini for action.

To avoid embarrassing the PF inclined Lawmaker, Matibini has since given Mr. Nyirenda ten days to resign”.

Typical of PF instead of arresting this man, they advise him to resign. Also the speaker is supposed to expel this man from Parliamemt.

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    Angoni chaiwo 1 week ago

    Nothing new to me: let him concentrate on making more money through his Kaloba business

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    Chachacha 1 week ago

    Please lets politely correct him.
    Don’t insult him.

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    LELO 1 week ago

    Dr John Phiri might not also have a grade 12 certificate,hence his “arriving late”.We have professors,Drs’,Masters etc today who forged their basic qualification of G12.Matero qualifications did not start yesterday!,i believe it was after the colonialists left the cival service to Africans to run.

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      George 1 week ago

      Dr John Phiri like myself did not do your Grade 12 but Form Six both Lower and Upper.
      So forget your Grade 12 as applicable to those of us who qualified in 1964.Good luck.

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    How did he escape the so-called verification?

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    maloza 1 week ago

    Even Joe Malanji Foreign Affiars Minister has no grade 12 certificate.


    He is actually an Angolan.

    Speaker is aware but nothing has been done about it. They are above the law.

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      Billy mawerela 1 week ago

      Very true my brother maloza tell them to be fair

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    waka kasonde 1 week ago

    There are a number of such MPS, especially from the PF. The G12 requirement caught a number of them nuping. Our investigative wings are toothless.

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    PF leaders are full of mistress. If he was an opposition mp the propaganda broadcaster ZNBC would have had breaking news.

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    Billy 2 weeks ago

    I saw this issue from coming

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    this fool looks really like a forger he can’t even spell his own name not even vagina mother fucker

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    This useless motherfucker looks like a masterbater he is stupid and cannot spell his own name he has a very big dick though

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      kanamaso kakubeka 1 week ago

      Please take note that the Lundazi Central mp, Mr Nyirenda, is NOT a PF MP but an independent MP.PF parliamentary candidate, Dr John Phiri, now High Commissioner to Malawi, was disqualified from standing for arriving late for his nomination. PF then opted to support Bizwayo Nkunika as an independent candidate but he lost to Nyirenda. So PF is also celebrating if it is true that Nyirenda forged his Grade 12 certificate.