‘Lung’s 25 evil plans against HH begin to manifest’

So the Zambian Watchdog was right! It is beginning to manifest itself that there actually exists a 25 point plan against UPND and HH. See how Davies Chama using Times of Zambia has tried to malign HH today. Then Chilufya Tayali and other PF vuvuzelas are immediately activated and have social media buzzing with the same accusation of HH being tribal. Well this is another idiotic contribution to Zambian politics by the mother of all idiots Davies Chama.

If Edgar Lungu doesn’t realize it, this man Davies Chama is a symbol of foolishness. He would do well to get rid of this man most urgently. This man is on a mission to destroy Edgar Lungu, and the Patriotic Front in his wake, and render it obsolete. Nothing he says ever attracts the approval of any well meaning citizens anymore.

It is clear his obsession with HH and tribalism is pathological. The people of Zambia have seen through his attempts to divide the masses through tribalism, and his employers must stop him forthwith, for their own sakes. Certainly if tjis recording of HH exists anywhere other than in Davies Chama’s empty head, it would have gone viral by now. This is 2015, at least what is left of it. We have technology to put HH out for good by giving it to the people. But it doesn’t exist. All this is part of the 25 point plan as reported by the Zambian Watchdog a few days ago. Chama and his media team will try and rekindle the tribal debate using this fake issue. They will repeat it over and over in an attempt to make it true.

But the Zambian people are not so gullible. They all know that in the absence of this recording, Chama and the Tayali’s et al shall remain just a set of fools bent on tearing the country apart. The tribalism line is tired Mr. Chama. Tell the people how your Government plans to improve their lives, not this rubbish you are increasingly becoming synonymous with. This is also a wake up call to all the citizens. The 25 point plan exists. Some of the points involve violence. Read it, and prepare yourselves accordingly. The shit is going to hit the fan! Don’t lie to yourselves about Zambians being peaceful. Chama and his friends are a desperate crew. Their 25 point plan is relying on our gullibility for success!

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