Lungu against putting 50 + 1 clause in constitution, says waste of money

Lungu against putting 50 + 1 clause in constitution, says waste of money

president Edgar Lungu says he needs more time to read the draft constitution, addressing Zambians in Angola, Lungu assured Zambians that he is committed to giving a people driven constitution and that the voice of the minority groups must be heard too. All people from different walks of life and Faiths must be accommodated, the voice of Christians must be heard and respected and so is the voice of the Moslaims and other religious groupings.

Challenged to give a clear road map for the constitution with specific time bound plan, Lungu said no one should put a gun on his neck for him to produce the constitution in 2 days when three of his predecessors had similar time constraint challenges.

If people are worried about leadership succession challenges, We can put measures for leadership continuation and avoid costly presidential bye-elections.

We need more time for civil society and government to explain the constitution to the common man on the street. Resources and time for the referendum may not be within our reach.

“A number of political parties and civil society groups are only concerned about dual nationality and the 50%+1, a constitution is not only about these two clauses, we must also learn from other nations because such clauses are a recipe for anarchy and very costly to the nation. Take for example in the just ended presidential bye elections, the nation would have been compelled to go for a re-run, this is a waste of resources the country can’t afford to misuse.

However, as a listening government PF will give the Zambian People their Constitution and no political party or Civil society group will blackmail us on this resolve,’ Lamented Lungu.

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