Lung’s attitude to people who disagree with him is sickening – Msoni

Past experience has clearly shown that most political projects that have been hatched and staged in kitwe by politicians they all fall apart. In other Words whatever happened in kitwe yesterday is yet another veil of political deception meant to imply popularity of the PF party on the Copperbelt and as such this should just be dismissed with contempt as yet again another failed project. Kitwe is replete with failed political projects. The dominant question we should be asking is has President Edgar Lungu also joined the long list of former presidents who had at onetime used Kitwe as their staging ground for their political comeback??but flopped.
Late President Fredrick Chiluba then as state President similarly had put up a very strong show of strength with huge crowds in Kitwe where he come out openly challenging his colleagues that whether they liked it or not he would proceed to push for a third term bid and to amend the republican constitution which limits to(2)two five terms in office. It was at this rally that Mr Chiluba danced enthusiastically and told us he was a political engineer. The rest is history as the project had miserably failed to materialise.
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda equally on his part as the first  republican President, he too facing uncertainties and declining political fortune and a real threat on his hold of power and his Presidency in 1991 from the mass movement at the time the MMD he too decided and held a very big rally in Kitwe where the official campaign symbol of UNIP called Vee…Vee…two mid fingers depicting and symbolising the V-sign for victory.
It was at this rally where Dr.Kaunda officially introduced the infamous “faka speed mufana” implies young man increase the speed of the campaign to victory. Alas! It was not to be. He miserably lost the election to the young and inexperienced Fredrick Chiluba.
Kitwe though remains the most preferred destination by political opportunist in essence that is the actual burial ground for all their unfulfilled political dreams.
The continued rantings of President Lungu whilst on the Copperbelt do not reflect the dignity of the office he is currently occupying. It is deeply troubling and regrettable for the head of state who recently led this country into national prayers and reconciliation to outrightly unleash such personal venomous tirades and his uncouth vitriolic attacks on his fellow citizens,colleagues and also sadly on innocent civil servants who can’t answer him back.
It is safe to confidently assert that intelligence reports have totally unsettled him and may have confirmed our earlier assessment that he can’t win the forthcoming elections.
President Lungu should quickly accept and settle for the fact that things are not as they should be in a normal sense and be ready to accept the verdict of voters with dignity and humility without making so much noise and threats and counter accusations. We had rendered to him freely unsolicited advise and counsel which he did not heed. It is rather too little too late to turn the tide.His attitude towards those who disagree with him is rather sickening to say the least. Our unsolicited counsel is that he needs to get to a position where he can readily accept defeat graciously with dignity and be ready to peacefully handover power.
Speaking on the opposition part I think we are unmoved by that rally as thousands of young people where bused to Kitwe using public funds and it was lacking in substance in terms of what was delivered. It is usual for this government to look around for failures to just their own failures. Desperation appears to be taking its toll. Zambians are keenly listening and opinions are reserved and should never be assumed that they would be translated into votes.
To the youths we say watch out political vampires are on the loose looking for gullible and venerable voters to devour as their “good-mealilile” time is now seriously threatened and they are clearly hearing the danger songs playing-out in their ears.
Nason Msoni

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