Lungs spends most nights at Siliya’s house, after drinking

Lungs spends most nights at Siliya’s house, after drinking

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu frequently  sneaks out of State House to  spend almost all the evenings drinking beer at 89 Kabulonga Road Joint near Hilltop Hospital before going to Dora Siliya’s house.

Even last evening Lungu sneaked out soon after arriving from Heroes Stadium (Disaster)  where he went to sign the constitution in an almost empty stadium at the function that was shunned by a number of his own ministers, his MPs and members of the general public.

From that joint, Lungu then goes to spend long nights at Energy Minister Dora Siliya’s residence along Independence Avenue near State House, sometimes returning into State House around 05:00 hours in the morning, then reports for work around 10 hours.

This is not even a secret anymore as almost all State House Staff are now aware of this almost daily drinking spree and later enjoyment with Siliya at her House. Sometimes Lungu even holds meeting with supposedly respected figures at 89 Kabulonga joint.
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In most cases he is drinking in the company of drug dealers such as Findley but last Saturday evening he met Imwiko Lubosi Litunga, the King of Barotseland from 19:00 hours till 01:30 hours where they held “private talks” whose details the Zambian Watchdog will soon publish.

After meeting the Litunga he,  as usual proceeded to Dora Siliya’s residence for “some rest” till Sunday morning. Even the official  wife Esther Lungu is fully aware of this and we challenge Lungu’s handlers deny this.

‘Of course, there are times he leaves State House around 17 hours straight to Siliya’s residence where he is normally joined by other friends such as former President Rupiah Banda, Local Government Minister Stephen Kampyongo, and a select few and hold braii on mostly game meat and later others leave Lungu to rest at Siliya’s residence,’ the Watchdog has been told.

Late President Michael Sata, then as opposition leader, always mocked Siliya as Dora Siliti ‘Zambia Open’ and you can listen to one of his Radio Mano interviews where musician Pilato got Sata’s soundbites in ‘Alungu Anabwera song’.

A few weekends, he sneaks out to Ndonzo Lodge in Chilanga area along Kafue Road drinking till early hours of the following morning, a situation that has gotten out of hand and causing a serious national security risk and concern as he is normally very exposed with few cars and can easily be involved in a nasty accident.

Defence and other security wings have had several meetings with him over his drinking habits that exposes him but unfortunately former IG Stella Libongani was fired for among other reasons keeping advising Lungu to respect the office of the presidency and avoid putting himself in such situations.

The issue is so open and public now such that his main opponents such as Fred Mmembe of The Post newspaper yesterday alluded to it in the editorial comment when he wrote:

‘What has happened to the strong reasons he gave for increasing the tariffs? Is Edgar telling us that he didn’t fully understand the consequences of increasing tariffs in the way he did it? Where does he make his policies? Is it at the 89 Kabulonga Road joint? Or is it while he is visiting friends and enjoying himself on Independence Avenue? What propels him to issue such directives? Is it Jameson?’

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