Lungu’s team reduced to pleading for mercy from Scott

Senior PF members of the central committee supporting Edgar Lungu appear to be losing the battle and have now been reduced to pleading for mercy and forgiveness.

On Monday morning,  Lungu’s group went to State House for a cabinet meeting but turned it into a PF meeting.

Ministers went to attend cabinet meeting with a poor strategy of walking out if Scott does not accept to put a PF agenda. But according to cabinet conventions, there is no requirement to meet a quorum for a cabinet meeting to take place. In short, even if the ministers walked out, Scott would still have held the meeting with one or two ministers and it would have been perfectly legal. Moreover, holding a cabinet meeting is not a legal requirement.

A president can rule without holding cabinet meetings.

Nevertheless, in today’s meeting Scott allowed ministers to include the PF item on the agenda.

Sources who attended the meeting say Scott only agreed to include the item on the agenda because the ministers were wasting time.

‘So he told them that we shall have a ‘caucus’ meeting tomorrow,’ a source said.

While Scott has been consistent and maintained everything he has said so far, Lungu’s group has been unstable.

So far they have, at least by conduct, they have withdrawn their ‘suspension’ of Scott. On the other hand, Scott has maintained his suspension of the members. He has even banned them from the convention. The Lungu group has stopped issuing cantankerous statements. Now they are talking about reconciliation but Scott’s team has said nothing but working on modalities of holding the convention.

Even if the meeting takes place tomorrow, it is Lungu’s team that will make further concessions. They will agree to go to the convention under Scott’s terms.

The most important term will be that losers will accept the outcome and that the list of delegates will be determined by Scott’s team.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog is well-informed that ‘cartel’ enticing PF councilors who will attend the forthcoming general conference at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe late this week.

On Friday, emergency meetings for PF councilors were held in most PF controlled councils to nominate the delegates who are going to have another secret meeting in Lusaka on Tuesday where they will be bribed and told on whom to vote for.

A source close to the cartel operations has disclosed that so far, more than 3,000 delegates are on their side and that is sure enough to see their candidate pull through. The general conference will be attended by slightly 5,000 made up of 500 from each province, central committee members and MPs. While other aspirants will be crashing over the 2,000 plus, the cartel is in comfortable lead with 3,000 plus voters.

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