Lungu acquired Swazi land using Zambian crook

Lungu acquired Swazi land using Zambian crook

President Edgar Lungu bought the land he is constructing mansions in Swaziland using a Zambian conman Michelo Shakantu who is based in that country. He obviously used money stolen from Zambia.

Clearly it’s a big lie to claim that King Mswati gave Lungu the land as a gift because the land was not for the King or his government. At the time of acquisition , the land was owned by Inyati Construction Company, according to documents obtained by the Times of Swaziland.

The Watchdog has established that Lungu channeled the money to Michelo to buy the land then transfer it to Lungu.
Now, Inyatsi Construction Company is owned by Michelo Shakantu, a friend of President Lungu. This is the same crook who wanted to run the fourth mobile company in Zambia with Lungu but the project was abandoned after Zambian Watchdog exposed it. Lungu will now run the fourth mobile company with Isabel, the daughter of Angola’s former but embattled president Do Santos.

Inyatsi Construction Limited of Swaziland has a subsidiary company in Zambia called Inyatsi Construction Limited Zambia. Inyatsi Construction Limited Zambia was recently awarded a K701 Million contract by the RDA to rehabilitate the Mufulira – Ndola Road.

In November 2017 a tender is put out for construction of the mansion for President Lungu on Lot 225 Nkonyeni Golf Estate, Land owned by Inyatsi Construction Limited, the same company awarded the K701 Million contract by the RDA.

Inyatsi, Michelo’s company has also been contracted as the major subcontractor on the world’s most expensive road the Lusaka/ Ndola Dual Carriage Way.

Michelo Shakantu a Zambian is based in Swaziland and is one of the people who is pictured with Edgar Lungu and others showing their semi nakedness during the Reed Dance in Swaziland.

In the first photo is Michelo, Lungu and Lucky Mulusa

Second photo Michelo is standing behind King Mswati

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