Lungu advised to be careful with Rupiah Banda and Son over arms deal

Dear Editor, hide my ID as I have national interest at heart.

Title: The Arms illegal deal is an international insult to legal terms in ARMS selling policies.

The recently night negative meetings of president Edgar Lungu, Rupiah Banda, Henry Banda and MCK on the arms deal on behalf of the State is an insult to the people of Zambia and that of the DRC and the entire region of southern Africa and the world at large.

No manufacturing firms of arms which are owned by the sovereign governments across the globe will allow middle men to purchase arms, arms are only purchased by government to government deals, the only arms that are purchased on the streets are considered as non-war weapons but security weapons which can be bought by any cash pocketed individual not in bulky but by the number of head count of his or her security team. How many security personnel does MCK, Henry,RB and ECL have in their secret security firm to meet that number of our defence requirements? This is not funny Mr Lungu. Open your sober eyes and don’t let these international crooks who have not worked for the Zambian people but worked for their pockets cheat you with dirty businesses. This means that these crooks will buy these fake weapons on the street or they will break armouries of innocent countries and ship them to Zambia who knows if they will end up in DRC for MCK? Zambia’s name is
at stake and only a low thinker will put his or her countries name into hangers for an exchange of electoral campaign materials e.g icitenge and fuel.

We are now parading our defence forces naked to these crooked civilians putting our country at a high risk of stopping to enjoying peace it has cherished for years. In Zambia we haven’t legalised these weapons on the streets only for one purpose PEACE . The RBLUNG and MCKHB ventures of arms are destructive, we have now put DRC on a  POSSIBLE risky of another civil unrest, we all know that MCK and Le President Laurent Kabila of DRC are not in terms meaning MCK has partial Zambian visa due to his matrilineal connection with the Kazembe chiefdom, that puts the border of DRC and Zambia porous for illegal activities on the border. If DRC has been on a civil unrest for years, what will deny MCK to acquire weapons using the Zambian government’s ECL RB ARMS DEALS and smoothly smuggle them into DRC to disrupt the partial peace in that country and assume office by guns way since votes don’t count 100% there?

ECL is being tangled in what he will cry more and more, he will realise that the arms he has signed with these fake crooks(Businessmen) at Mfuwe night club is a thorn in the flesh of the Zambian people. This is why late H.E Michael Chilufya Sata MHSRIP cancelled middlemen in the arms deals, he was a patriot who thought twice just like KK did but now with ECL his eyes are set on PF campaign funders and not the country to develop.

ECL when you receive a call from Kabila DRC, what will you answer him on the arms deal and your association with MCK which is not official from DRC government?

ECL when the Zambians asks you about the RB and Henry Bandas sagas of corruption what will you say?

Bambo a LungU mufunikila ku nkala naku ganiza vyamene mwana wanyoko is advising otherwise ni zanu bambo, muzaliila paka gazi ikachoke.

Wake up Zambia, LAZ interpret the law and intervene in such illegal activities that will put the name of this sovereign state Zambia into disrepute and possible danger of civil unrest with our neighbours, truly and frankly analysing this situation of Arms deal by ECL is a time bomb.

I pray that all Churches intervene into prayers that will easily see our country Zambia maintain and benefit the peace that is of God’s grace.

May all that are evil planners such as the arms deal flop in the name of jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

Citizen of Zambia

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