Lungu advised to drop Findlay from presidential trips

Lungu advised to drop Findlay from presidential trips

_Poor people voted for you_ .

By James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
RPP President

Look at Jacob Zuma. Where are the Guptas around?

Look at El Bashir. Where are all is executive friends?

FTJ before he died. Where was Katebe Katoto?

During my drinking days, I never used to change camp depending on the availability of money. Those I drunk chibuku with in the absence of enough money I still maintained them even when I did some harvest.

President Lungu has changed friends friends and instead of addressing the issue of employment in the country, he is addressing issues of Findlay.


Look where you are coming from. Seven years ago Findlay could not share a glass of wine with you president Lungu because you were a poor man. Poor people stuck with you.

7 years ago you were afraid of lizards in your own house president Lungu. Now you are a game Hunter with many Indian groups whom your govt have corruptly concessioned our game reserves.

Look at the Indian families your government have given to capture FRA and fertilizer supplies. They are harvesting billions from our govt while our people remain wallowing in poverty and selling water from top of their heads.

These are Indian families that have surrounded you. You are doing nothing for the poor apart from dotting medicineless cheap clinics for them, clinics in which they must die due to poverty.

How can you run a country where there are no jobs, a country where the only thing left is Findlay disembarking from that expensive and extravagant so called presidential plane, or is it presidential casino?

You have abandoned the poor Mr Lungu. In the absence of job creation, no Zambian will eat your third class quality roads ba Lungu.

You have let the country captured by the rich and powerful while everybody have been left desperate.

Good luck and greet Findlay for us.

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
*RPP President*

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