Lungu agrees to grant referendum to Bartoseland

Lungu agrees to grant referendum to Bartoseland

President Edgar Lungu says he will call for a referendum to resolve the thorny Barotseland Agreement issue.
Barotseland includes Western, Southern, Northwestern and parts of Central provinces. There is a general agreement in other provinces where people feel marginalised that they wish to go with Barotseland.

Referendum will be a vote to decide either to secede or remain with other provinces in Zambia. In a referendum, there are only two options; ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a single question for example, should Barotseland secede from Zambia.
Speaking when he met Zambians resident in Ethiopia in Addis Ababa Thursday evening, Lungu said he will soon travel to Barotseland to meet Barotseland activists to find a lasting solution to the Barotseland Agreement issue.

He said he will ask if all tribes including the Nkoya are in consensus that they want to secede from Zambia.

Lungu said he will ask the activists to show him the boundary of what he referred to as ‘the so called Barotseland’ and the constituent parts so that a referendum could be held like it was done in Scotland.

President Lungu received two letters this week from the Barotseland National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) and from the Linyungandambo backed Barotseland transitional government challenging him to sign the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) arbitration agreement for the matter to be resolved amicably and to produce documentary evidence to prove why Barotseland should be part of Zambia.

The boundaries of Barotseland are clearly marked and documented showing beacons but it appears the Zambian government is not aware of the map.mongu_rioting mongu-riots

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