Lungu and elder sister born same year

Lungu and elder sister born same year

From else where.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was born in 1956, coincidentally even the woman claiming to be his sister was born in the same year, how possible?

Ninshi the mother conceived a month later after she delivered or they are step, half or twins?

Anyway the questions are there.

The documents below show that these two were born in the same year but how did their mother do It?

Lungu is said to have been born 11th August 1956 and the claimant sister Bertha Lungu says she was born on 12th February, 1956 but how did Lungu’s mother give birth to Lungu when Bertha was only 6 months?

Lies have short legs. Lungu must explain who he is.

If you see that NRC for Bertha who claims to elder sister to Edgar, it shows she was born in 1956. This is the same year Lungu claims to have been born. Meanwhile they are nlt Twins.

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