Lungu and friends in govt to accumulate wealth- Holmes

ZAMBIA’s former Ambassador to Egypt Cecil Holmes says he is not impressed with the way Zambia is being governed at the moment. Holmes, who also served as a High Commissioner to Ghana, advised those in the government to turn and start listening to the plight of Zambians.

He regretted that the government has neglected Zambia’s youth.

“I’m not impressed [with the type of the current governance]; I must be frank with you! You see, leaders are running, leaving people crying and without hearing their cry. We need to start listening to people’s cries; turn and go back to them,” Holmes emphasised.

“Youth have been kept as doormats and when you are in poverty, you can do anything….”

And Holmes said the central problem in Zambian politics over the years was that people went into political leadership to accumulate money.

“Very few go into that Parliament or into government to give service to Zambians. That’s the biggest problem. But we are now looking for people who will come and give a service and I’m now old but I’m appealing to young people to give me a leader who can offer a service to the people of Zambia. Yes, we have looked after you [but] can you look after us now who are growing old,” said Holmes.

“My plea to the young people is that when time for voting comes, go in large numbers to cast your vote because that’s the only way you can make a decision. Follow politicians that have policies that will positively change this country. I worked with [Frederick] Chiluba, I worked with president Mwanawasa, I worked with president Banda and I worked with president Sata and so, I know that each President has weaknesses and positives. I also worked outside the country and I saw how the youth are looked after; we haven’t looked after the youth in thi


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    Moses 2 weeks

    ZESCO Petauke give us electricity here in hillside. It has taken years. Every time you don’t have connectors. Stop being corrupt and give us power. What a company.

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    Under PF government zambia is gone mo sufferings.high death rate,high devoice rate,high matenda rate,high number of unemployment,children cnt go to school,high povarty levels.high number of beer drinking-smoking dagga-killings-abuse of any kind.high taxs.High prices of food.High prices of fuel.High prices of malaiti,malasha,water,Corruption vary high,everything is High high wat a country zambia has become,shame to PF

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    is this a chiwawa or hyena?