Lungu and his continuos mocking of God

Lungu is ready to abuse God’s name to retain power. He was recently quoted in the Post saying that when the economy is failing he just prays to God. He knows that it’s all lies — it’s part of his Operation 777 which other than unleashing violence on citizens, the plan among other things include deceiving God’s children with humbleness and pretending that he is a Godly person. He can lie to people but he can never lie to God who cannot be corrupted. His time of reckoning and coming face to face with God is coming. The exchange rate is expected to appreciate temporary and he wants to tell the people that God answered his prayers and has anointed him. However, companies during the course of the financial year are allowed to pay 4 quarterly provisional company income tax installments (in January, April, July and October) and after the year has ended they are allowed 6 months to file the final tax return and pay the final tax balance on or before 30th June. The balance for 2015 for Kansanshi Mine Plc was $125 million. To this effect on 24 June 2016 last Friday Kanshashi paid $81 million through a wire transmittal from Bank of Montreal Sasha Bukacheva in Toronto Canada which Bank of Zambia pumped starting on Monday this week and on 30 June 2016 Kanshashi paid the last installment of the balance amounting to $64 million. This money will be pumped into the economy after the 4 days holiday. Those who have Kwacha this is the opportunity do not buy until the rate reaches K8 or so. The moment it hits rock bottom go into the market to buy dollars to safe guard you earnings. The country does not expect any significant dollars as the mines including Kanshashi for this financial year estimated that they will make losses. No mine paid the 2016 first quarter provisional tax. Be on the lookout for Lungu’s lies next Friday that he was fasting and the Kwacha appreciated. This blasphemy. You cannot cheat God. Lesa nimalyotola.

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