Lungu and his PF buy expensive cars for shadow MPs

In another case of misplaced priorities, President Edgar Lungu’s government has procured more than 150 Toyota Hiluxes for District Commissioners around the country obviously to help him for campaigns next year.

The Watchdog yesterday reported that Lungu appointed shadow MPs disguised as Distruct Commissioners to take over as Parliamentary candidates in 2016.

It is not clear from which budget line the expensive motor vehicles have been purchased but sources indicate it’s part of the money from the newly acquired US $1.25 Eurobond money.

Each of the vehicles is valued at K289,000 and we multiply this figure by 150, we have a whooping K224,728,476.420 at least (or K224.73Billion in old currency).

In a serious country where the president is not high on alcohol the money would even have been used for Lungu’s political survival by procuring 22,473 gensets or solar panels each valued at K10, 000 and distributed to all Health centers across the country to provide the much needed electricity to key areas of the clinics such as Kanyama especially that ZESCO has already announced that loadshedding will only get worse.

Also, the new curriculum for the Primary/junior Secondary School systems have introduced ICT subjects, meaning that every school in Zambia needs some form of electricity to have this curriculum work so the 22,473 gensets or solar panels would have helped a number of schools in Zambia.

Imagine the political applaud Mr. Lungu would have received for this gesture, but typical of drunkard with misplaced priorities, politics and golf fundraising for his party comes first, and he has to purchase cars for his District Commissioners so that they could probably help him out during the 2016 campaigns.

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