Lungu and Mulusa begin Northwesten tribal project

Lungu and Mulusa begin Northwesten tribal project

President Edgar today embarks on his tribal campaigns in Northwestern province where he is trying to use Northwesterners against Bembas.

Lungu and Rupiah Banda are working on anti-Bemba project. The Project is spearheaded by president Lungu’ s assistant for special ‘projects’ Lucky Mulusa. See here 

The aim is to sideline and or remove most Bembas from influential positions.

When Mulusa was sworn in as special projects assistant at State House, he immediately announced that his loyalty was to Rupiah Banda.

After losing elections, Rupiah Banda vowed that he would make sure that no other Bemba rules Zambia again. President Lungu has seemingly bought in the idea and is working on it with Mulusa and Michael Kaingu. Michael Kaingu told the people of Western province last month to reject UPND because if UPND forms government, the vice-president would be Bemba.

Lungu and Mulusa

Lungu and Mulusa

Realising that he may lose Bemba support, Lungu is now trying to replace Bemba votes with votes from Northwestern. This is the second time Lungu is going back to Northwestern this month. Rupiah Banda and Mulusa have advised Lungu that whatever support he would lose from the Northern, he will replace it with Northwest votes.

So far, Lungu has fired most genuine PF District Commissioners and replaced them with MMD officials. When challenged, Lungu’s response has been that those who are not happy must leave the PF or ‘I will fall on them like a ton of bricks.’

Lungu’ sidelining of genuine PF members has prompted one musicians to compose a song on how Lungu has desecrated late Michael Sata’s party. In his wildly popular song, Pilato sings how Lungu has betrayed genuine PF members by brining the same people PF fought to remove from power. Pilato, in his song ‘Alungu anabwela’ asks, did people reject the name MMD or they rejected the people who were in MMD?

At State House, all Bemba officials are being side-lined as decisions are made by Luck Mulusa and Kaizer Zulu. Zulu was fired by Michael Sata in national interest. This means that Zulu’s working in government was against national interest. But Mulusa and Zulu are not friends either. (But that is a story for another day). People like Amos Chanda, despite being reliable, are not in Lungu’s inner circle.

Lungu’s trip to Northwestern is therefore to try and use the people of that province in his and Rupiah Banda’s silent war with Bembas. He has no interest in the welfare of the people there. He just wants to use them to fight people who put him in power. Worse still, even within Northwestern, Lunug is using divide and rule tactics’. Northwestern province is diverse and local tribes there have their own issues. But Lungu wants to exploit this as well. So far he has been advised by Mulusa to favour Lundas in the on-going conflict between Lundas and Luvales over which language should be used for instruction in schools. Remember that Mulusa convinced former UPND vice-president Ben Kapita to defect to PF saying Hakainde Hichilema is working with Bembas. Kapita is Lunda and he is now telling people in the area that Lungu will order schools to teach in Lunda as long as they defect to PF. But this will just escalate the already delicate situation. Lungu will not even make that order. Instead, he will promise to look into the matter but urging people to vote for him. He will continue playing this trick until 2016 when presidential elections will be held. If he would be re-elected, he will not even mention that topic again but the brothers and sisters in those districts will be fighting each other.

It was the same Mulusa who tricked UPND MP for Solwezi Dawson Kafwaya

to accept a job as deputy minister in the PF. Kafwaya is the man who beat Mulusa (MMD candidate) in Solwezi in the parliamentary by-election. So Mulusa and Kafwaya are not friends. Mulusa was hoping that the UPND would expel Kafwaya. Mulusa was then going to use government machinery to make sure that a by-election is held fast in Solwezi central so that he could stand under PF. But the UPND decided not to expel the rebel MP. But at least Mulusa achieved one thing: Kafwaya will not be adopted by UPND and certainly the PF will adopt Mulusa. Kapwaya is finished.

While fighting Bembas in an undeclared war, Lungu is working with some Bembas who are ready to work for money. These include people like Mumbi Phiri. Mumbi Phiri was also fired by Sata and had been broke until her husband convinced Rupiah Banda to give her a job as PF secretary General. There are also people like Sunday Chanda. Sunday Chanda is a Rupiah Banda boy despite what he tries to portray in public. Soon he will take over as PF media director since that disgrace Brian Hapunda is out. So the PF media section will also be headed by an MMD official. The truth is that Sunday Chanda is MMD at heart. He probably does not know the real agenda of his idol Rupiah. Sunday Chanda can claim to be PF but the truth is that he was the MMD candidate for Kachibiya Constituency in 2011. He lost to PF. He is currently working to be adopted under the new PF at the expense of the current genuine PF MP there.

Information minister Chishimba Kambwili was recently made to realise who is in charge of PF. He was humiliated when he tried to stand up for Sata’s legacy in the adoption of Dora Siliya. If there is one person PF members hated during Rupiah Banda’s reign, it was Dora Siliya. But now Siliya is the PF candidate for the PF. In humiliation, Kambwili has sort of gone quiet or his statements are much sober now.

Most people will remember how Dora Siliya, Lucky Mulusa and Michael Kaingu fought Nevers Mumba in MMD just because he is Bemba. They were fighting on behalf of Rupiah Banda.

Yet, the people of Northwestern seem disinterested in the Lungu, Rupiah, Mulusa agenda. The people there are not looking at tribes but interested in a Zambian leader who can develop the country. Lungu’s current project will backfire big time and he will realise that Rupiah Banda is misleading him



In his tribal campaign tour, Lungu will visit Solwezi where he will be conferred with that meaningless title of Free man of the town’, Zambezi , Chavuma and Kasempa districts. In Kasempa, Lungu will commission a branch of NATSAVE, but NATSAVE is broke and the opening of a branch there is just meant to cheat people. NATSAVE is failing to service its existing branches and as late as yesterday, most NATSAVE branches had no cash.


Late Michael Sata knew Rupiah Banda’s hatred for Bembas are reported by the Zam,bia Daily Mail in July 2012 below:



July 20, 2012 Daily Mail.

President Michael Sata has said that he is hugely disappointed that his predecessor Rupiah Banda is using a tribal card to determine who should be Zambia’s next President. The Post, in yesterday’s edition, reported that Mr Banda wants UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, a Tonga, to lead the future alliance with the MMD because he does not want Bembas to rule again. New MMD president Nevers Mumba is Bemba.

In a strongly-worded statement, President Sata says the alleged manoeuvres by Mr Banda to divide Zambians by pitting different ethnic groupings against each other, are highly regrettable.

“However, we are comforted because Zambians know Mr Banda when it comes to tribalism. His record at NAMBOARD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Lusaka district governor speaks for itself.

In a statement released in Lusaka yesterday by the President’s special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah, Mr Sata wonders why Mr Banda feels he should determine the race, tribe or region a head of State should come from.

Mr Sata said Zambians are united and have been living in harmony since independence. He said it is, therefore, heartbreaking that Mr Banda is trying to incite tribes to satisfy his ego.

The President said the PF government is pre-occupied with efforts to fight corruption, reduce poverty, improve the performance of the economy and create decent jobs for all. “No doubt, the corruption in Mr Banda’s administration was too much and as a result, Zambians have been calling for the lifting of his immunity but we will only do that once we have completed our duty to demonstrate to our people just how corrupt he was,” he said.

Mr Sata said government will concentrate on fulfilling its campaign promises, adding that those obsessed with tribalism and bitterness should extricate themselves from the self-inflicted shackles.
“Our only hope is that they quickly outgrow their destructive type of politics and become a bit more useful to the country,” the President said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]

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