Lungu and RB corruption matrix recreated

Dear Editor

Rupiah Banda’s footprints are everywhere as Edgar Lungu Brings the Corruption Matrix to State House. The recent appointments by Lungu are revealing. His nomination of Margaret Dudu Mwanakatwe, as the new Trade and Industry Minister, who was the former Managing Director of Barclays in Zambia and Ghana.

Despite the rhetoric about Mwanakatawe’s accomplishments it is of public knowledge within the banking industry that she was “politely” asked to leave the job in Ghana due to non- performance and her unacceptable very personal relationships with politically influential married men in Accra, Ghana.

She was later appointed as Managing Director of a Nigerian bank in Uganda, which job also did not last long. Mwanakatwe is also the former girlfriend of Rupiah Banda and she has very often been seen with Henry Banda in Johannesburg. The appointment of Mulenga Sata is another part of the corruption jigsaw.

As almost everyone in Lusaka knows, Mulenga Sata before his father became President lived in a cottage behind a home on Roan road, Kabulonga, Lusaka.

His business and only source of income then was to sell liquor and breed dogs, and his wife baked cakes to sell. Within 2 years of his father becoming President he bought a luxury house on Niemba Road, Sunningdale, Lusaka from Guy Phiri at a value of $600,000, owns several high value luxury cars and is associated with Chinese contractors on several road projects and the new Lusaka Interational Airport Terminal.

Wille Nsanda still remains Chairman of the Roads Board and still reports to State House. Edgar Lungu when he was a cabinet minister was often seen at a Lodge on Reedbuck Road Kabulonga, drinking his whisky, joined by several women and often meeting Chinese businessmen.

The corruption matrix of Lungu and Banda is now complete. Henry Banda, Mulenga Sata, Willie Nsanda are back in business facilitated by Lungu, Rupiah Banda and Margaret Mwanakatwe.

Rodgers Simfukwe

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