Lungu approves $2.3 million to construct car parking

Lungu approves $2.3 million to construct car parking


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member.

We have always maintained that the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), like all other large government super structures under the Patriotic Front (PF) regime, has been turned into looting machine for the benefit of high ranking officials in government, as well as those that serve in these institutions.

Zambians are well aware now, that one of the key individuals named and mentioned in the RWANDA terrorism financing ring and actively waging war against the legitimate government of Paul Kagame in Rwanda, is a serving and current member of the IDC’s procurement committee and was appointed to this position by President Edgar LUNGU.

Zambians still want answers why a serving Zambian President should have his name mentioned, out of all the leaders of the global village, as being a promoter of a dirty war against another sovereign state in Africa.

But we now have accurate and verifiable information, that President Edgar LUNGU, in his capacity as Board Chairperson of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), has overseen, and therefore, approved the procurement of stand No. 4767 Ngumbo Road, Prospect Hill Lusaka at $2.3m for the construction of a CARPARK.

This pint sized piece of land has been bought from Newcastle Investments Ltd, headed by Chinese nationals.

The question is this: how do foreigners come to own land in Zambia, only for the Zambian government through a serving President, to use $2.3m of public money to pay foreigners for Zambian land that belongs to Zambian?

Curiously enough, $1.5m of this money has just been borrowed at a cost of 16% to the public.

When the Patriotic Front (PF) decided to withdraw students’ meal allowances from the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU), they did it under the pretext that they had no money to continue supporting students from poorer backgrounds get an education.

This is also why, despite a 23,000 teachers deficit country over, the PF regime are currently presiding over the worst teacher unemployment rate, with at least 45,000 trained teachers roaming the streets today. This is also why despite the recommended annual budget allocation to education being 25%, the PF regime shamelessly continue to allocate just 12% or less towards education.

It is also under the pretext that government has no money that the PF continue to toss around with the welfare of 3,200 families by failing to discharge the pension benefits of former ministry of justice employees.

It is also the lack of adequate government financing, that local health hospitals and clinics have zero availability of critical care drugs including insulin and pain management drugs, as well as why mothers have to carry along their own maternity utensils in order to secure the safe births of their newly borns.

There is information that individuals at IDC have been paid to rubber stamp this dirty deal.

What is worse is that we are dealing with a conniving President who is incapable of playing his oversight role diligently as Chairman of IDC, and only focused on illegal wealth accumulation.

2021 #ChangeIsComing #AccountabilityNow

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