‘Lungu at centre of Malawian maize scandal’


Edgar Lungu is mute over the Zambia and Malawi US$34.5 million maize scandal because he knows he is at the centre of it.

The Zambian government’s will to fight the scourge of corruption has been exposed by the failure by Lungu to act over allegations that the Zambian govern was involved in a corruption maize deal with the Malawian government.

Whilst his Malawian counterpart, Peter Mutharika, has taken drastic measures and dismissed his Minister of Agriculture, Lungu is strangely paying this very alarming fraudulent issue a blind eye.

The dismissed Malawian Minister of Agriculture, George Chaponda, who was accused of being a major player in this scandal implicated both the Malawian and Zambian government of being part of this fraudulent deal.

It’s imperative that the head of the Zambian government, who in this case happens to be Edgar Lungu, Clarifies the situation and gives a comprehensive report on the role state house and the Zambian government played in this deal.

It’s evidently clear, from the actions taken by the Malawian president, that procurement processes were flouted in the manner in which the maize was secured and supplied.

If the Zambian government is unblemished over this scandalous maize deal then why are they completely silent about it?

The average Zambian wants to know if Lungu and his government acted above board when exporting the Maize and that they are not guilty of any improper conduct.

We applaud the efforts by UPP President Saviour Chishimba, to request for a tribunal that will probe the involvement of Minister of Agriculture, Dora Siliya, on her involvement in this deal but we feel it shouldn’t end there. State House has been implicated and therefore Edgar Lungu, too, should be scrutinised.

As a matter of public interest, his silence amounts to his involvement in this whole scam. We demand that he addresses the nation and clears the air now.

His tolerance for high levels of corruption in this country is worrying. He just pays lip service and issues empty threats that are never followed up with tangible action.

At this rate, the fight against corruption should be a futile exercise because it appears we have sacred cows and whistle-blowers, such as Chishimba are being victimised by those bodies that are supposed to fight corruption.

Yesterday Malawian President, Patrick Mutharika, sacked Chaponda. Chaponda was implicated alongside the Zambian government in the maize gate scandal. The Malawian Anti-Corruption Bureau found millions of cash at his residence after conducting a search.

Steven Katuka
Secretary General,

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