Lungu attacks LAZ -tells them to form political party and face him


Dictator Edgar Lungu has challenged the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to form a political party and face him.
This follows observations made by the Law Association of Zambia yesterday on the invocation of article 31 by Lungu to set in motion the so called threatened state of public emergency.
Law Association of Zambia president Linda Kasonde at a media briefing yesterday questioned the circumstances leading to the invocation of Article 31 among other observations and wondered why the declaration was made before investigations on the city market fire concluded.

LAZ , through it president Linda Kasonde questioned Lungu’s reasons for declaring a state of emergence when there was no need for such barbaric measures. LAZ noted that though a president could have power to declare a state if emergence, circumstances must be justiable. LAZ also said neither Lungu nor the one state PF parliament has the powers to extend the declaration beyond three months.

But this infuriated Lungu who, after failing to give satisfactory answer resorted to his usual thrreats.

“Where are the lawyers in this country?” Lungu asked stupidly. Everyone knows where to find lawyers.

“If the lawyers want to form a political party, let them go ahead and form a political party. Let them not abuse the profession; because what they are saying is politics, you can see it’s politics. For me I challenge them to form a political party, but let them not abuse the profession,’ Lungu stammered but as one can see this does not answer the issues raised by LAZ.

“If they want to take me on on that one, they can take me on, we will meet them; but the truth is that there is too much politics in the Law Association of Zambia. So let them form a political party, but to abuse the law, the legal profession I belong to is totally unacceptable. Bye bye’, Lungu said.

God. Is this the person running a country ?
Last year LAZ had observed that ministers should have vacated office after the dissolution of parliament but Lungu argued that he was a lawyer and had read the constitution and maintained that ministers stay in office. Lungu was however embarrassed after the Constitutional Court ruled that the ministers’ stay in office was illegal.
Lungu claimed that the association is being used for politics. ‘What they are saying is politics and for me I challenge them to form a political party, we will meet them,’ Lungu said shortly before departure for Swaziland.

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