Attorney general Kalaluka’s night visit to jailed Mohan exposed

The recent nocturnal visit to Mukobeko maximum security prison by Attorney general Likando Kalaluka was in fact meant for his former client and murder convict Mathew Mohan, and not meant to check on the Barotse detainees’ prison conditions.

Kalaluka, then working as a lawyer for another pro PF lawyer Bonaventure Mutale’s law firm Ellis and company unsuccessfully represented Mohan in his case where he murdered a fellow businessman of Asian origin Mr. Sajid Itowala. He has, since Mohan’s conviction been receiving money from Mohan’s bunch of fellow criminals to corrupt government systems.

While appearing to be Rupiah’s close associate, Mohan was in fact also funding PF campaigns and the money was laundered through the legal firm in form of legal fees. This is part of the money used to fund Lungu’s 2015 Presidential campaigns. Kalaluka, who is an unexposed lawyer in the country hence earned his appointment as Attorney general.

Due to lack of faith among his state house staff, whom Lungu has accused of leaking information to the media, Kalaluka is being used as the most reliable conduit pipe hence his nocturnal prison visit which however was exposed but disguised as having visited the treason accused Barotse activists who await sentencing in March. The offence may attract a death sentence by hanging till proven dead.

The other key official in this scam is Commissioner General of prisons Percy Chato who has been ditched by his wife because of his multiple sexual relationships. Chato is currently living with another woman in Lusaka. Mrs. Chato has also threatened to expose his shoddy dealings.

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