Lungu authorises killing of HH, police break into HH’s house

22 hours:

Police have broken the gate and doors to Hakainde Hichikema’s house and switched off the power to the house. They are teargassing HH and family inside the house.

UPND supporters are trekking to Party president Hakainde Hichilema’s house where police are preparing to break in.

Edgar Lungu has ordered a night operation at HH’s house with the main aim of assassinating the opposition leader. By 21: 45 local time, police vehicles were trooping into HH’s residence while other police officers had already surrounded the house.

Normally, the police should have just summoned HH to the station during the day but deliberately chose to confront him at night to cause confusion then shoot him in the process.

Alternatively, the police will inject him with poison once they manage to pick him at night.

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