Lungu beats Mugabe’s record

Lungu beats Mugabe’s record


Edgar Lungu’s inauguration has broken Mugabe’s record of having the least numbers of Presidents attending the presidents swearing in ceremony in Southern Africa.

Lungu’s inauguration, which gobbled colossal amounts of tax payers money only managed to attract two presidents out of the over 45 that they had invited.

Only embattled Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe (Whom Secretary to PF cabinet

Msiska referred to as President of Zambia) and Botswana’s Ian Khama managed to make it to heroes stadium. The rest of the crowd was made up of PF cadres, government officials, Job seekers and hungry children who were hoping to get some change from PF cadres such as Edgar Ngoma who are suddenly swimming in ill-gotten wealth.

In 2013, only six Presidents managed to attend Mugabe’s inauguration after a disputed election. This was after the Zimbabwean government had invited over 40 heads of state.

The failure by Edgar Lungu’s inauguration to attract even half of the heads of state who attended Mugabe’s swearing in ceremony gives credence to the fact that the international community have little confidence in the PF regime and Edgar Lungu.

It goes further to state that they don’t believe that he was genuinely elected as President of Zambia.

Attending Edgar Lungu’s innaguaration would be endorsing the gross violation of human rights we recently witnessed in the run up to the elections and events that followed afterwards.

The snubbing of the inauguration clearly shows that the rest of the world is watching and don’t want to be associated with a government that stole an election and raped the supreme law of the land, the constitution.

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