Lungu begs Scott for help to use govt facilities to campaign

Lungu begs Scott for help to use govt facilities to campaign

KK blessing Mulenga Sata

KK blessing Mulenga Sata

PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu has reportedly asked for help from acting president Guy Scott to use public money, government vehicles including the presidential chopper for the presidential by-election if he is elected PF candidate.

In exchange, Lungu is promising to reappoint Scott as vice-president if he wins the republican presidency. Lungu, who doesn’t have enough money to fund his presidential ambitions even at party level is worried that without access to state facilities, he will be at the mercy of people like Geoffrey Mwamba, Willie Nsanda, Alexander Chikwanda and others currently bankrolling him.

But other sources close to Lungu say it is actually Scott who has asked Lungu for a ‘partnership’.

Sources close to Lungu say it was Dr Kaunda who summoned Lungu to his residence and told him to work with Scott and get rid of the ‘riffraff (Nsanda, Kambwili, GBM etc) surrounding him.

What sources from both camps have confirmed is that the meeting between Lungu and first president Kenneth Kaunda was about Lungu and Scott working together.

They only differ on who initiated the meeting. Dr Kaunda and Lungu had a three-hour meeting at KK’s residence. After the meeting and as Lungu was leaving, KK touched his head with his white handkerchief in what some people saw as anointment. But Kaunda, apparently, does this a lot and he did the same to Mulenga Sata when he was been sworn in as mayor of Lusaka.

Dr Kaunda is a very close ally of Fred M’membe, the leader of the group referred to as the cartel and Scott once said that he, Wynter Kabimba and late Michael Sata belonged to the ‘A’ team within PF. Scott is largely seen as a puppet of M’membe and his cartel which comprise officials holding key government positions.

What is interesting is that the Post newspaper, which has free access to Dr Kaunda, decided to say nothing about the meeting between Dr Kaunda and Lungu in today’s edition. It could be that M’membe is part of the plan and wishes to ‘work’ with Lungu now. It could also be that KK has betrayed M’membe. But chances of KK betraying M’membe are very, very slim. The two are inseparable. In fact, their vegetarian food is bought by one person.

Lungu is said to have told Dr Kaunda that he is uncomfortable with the people surrounding him and that they will hold him to ransom if he is elected president since they are paying for all his activities and will fund his national campaigns. Information reaching the Watchdog is that GBM or one of the people surround Lungu will be vice-president if all goes according to plan

It is for this reason that he said he would be more comfortable to work with Scott who is currently controlling government resources including public media. Lungu also knows that Scott wants to remain in government as his wife Charlotte recently renounced her British Citizenship, and quit her UN job because her husband is vice-president

Lungu is said to have told KK that he is worried that if he continues antagonising Scott as the people surrounding him want to, the acting president will withhold government facilities from him. If he is precluded from using state facilities, he will have to solely rely on funding from the clique surrounding him and the clique will control him if he goes to State House. Lungu is also worried that on his own, he cannot even match the financial muscle of Mulenga Sata at the party convention.

Lungu’s s personal income is said to be very low, as it only comprise his salaries as minister of Justice and Defence and other allowances he gets from parliament and government business. But Lungu is also worried or should be wary of putting all the little money he has made from government jobs in campaigns because if he loses, he will be bankrupt.

Lungu has not been making money from his law firm as his practicing certificate was withdrawn by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) after he ‘drunk’ a client’s money. His certificate was only restored three weeks before president Sata’s death.

Apart from being unable to fund his own campaigns, Lungu is battling with poor health and people close to him doubt he can manage a full scale, national campaigning within two months.

Lungu is said to be open to manipulation as he does not have a strong personality.


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